My 21 Day fix Results

This is what it looks like to change your eating habits and nutrition and to actually stop running and focus more on full body workouts!  I tried my best to recreate the same pose and suit to show the changes side by side. My before is PRE PREGNANCY (BEFORE MY DAUGHTER!). We were in Hawaii at the time and I was about 18 pounds heavier.
I have told My hubby 1,000 times I wish I had not deleted my backside pictures from this trip. When we got home from vacation I seen those pictures and hit the delete button ASAP!!! I told myself this is just how I am built and this is what I look like! I have a big butt, legs, and back fat. I have a small upper frame and I should just be happy with that.... soooo I WAS! I was happy but I also hid in my towel when in a suit and I went ahead and continued my same habits.
After having Our little girl I rearranged my diet I eliminated most processed foods and I lost about 10 pounds. Still that stupid back fat and butt... ugh!!! I started the 21 Day Fix and lost 8 more pounds. EIGHT more from the BUTT, LEGS, and BACK FAT!!! I WON!!! I took charge! Stopped making excuses and told myself you need to do this for 21 days and if it doesn't work send the dang thing back!
Well 6 months later that "thing" ... my 21 Day fix program. Sits on my desk and is forever embedded in my head. I learned how to make a difference I learned what to do! You can too!! Send me a message and lets figure it out together!
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I am totally putting myself out there with these embarrassing before pictures because I want to share with everyone what CAN happen if you follow a program like the 21 day fix. It gives you a portion controlled diet, 30 minute workouts and ...I was on shakeology the entire time to help keep me full and calm my sweet cravings (and boy did I need help with that!). I had plateaued for the longest time at a weight I was very happy with. After I had Reese I lost 10lbs more then my PRE pregnancy weight and felt very satisfied with that. However, I still did not feel 100% confident in a bathing suit due to my lower half. This has been a area for me that has not changed for YEARS...besides getting bigger . After doing the 21 day fix I have lost 8LBs total and several inches off the hip area. I have completely toned up my stomach area and have seen a nice change in my back side. Results are there if you are welling to commit and take the challenge! Comment below if interested in my NEXT 21 DAY FIX CHALLENGE GROUP!


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