Always Moving Forward

IMG_7773I love how this quote reinforces that we are in control of our own destiny. This quote really gives me inspiration to why I am putting myself out there and creating a image for others to follow.
I have learned in order to create yourself you need to expose yourself to the possibilities. Take some time to put yourself into vulnerable situations, do something new, meet new people, learn from others experiences, and just learn to say YES. Yes to trying new things!
At times it can be scary but truly in the end the scariest part is never trying and never knowing at all!
Once I decided what direction I wanted to create myself into as a coach I then learned where to focus my energies. I have learned to cut down saying yes to things that do not contribute to my goals and now I can continue to grow in a focused manner.
In order to create yourself you must become a resource for what you have learned and surround yourself with those that can teach you. I know that if I keep working hard, keep helping people, it will happen.
Coaching has been an eye opening experience for me and it has opened my eyes to people that really just wanted someone there to push them, give them support, or to just direct them in the right direction. I by no means have all the right answers but I am continuing to educate myself so I can create someone that others can look to for help.
If you feel you would like to create yourself in that way and point your life in a upward direction then I would love to have you join my team!!! Coaching has literally been life changing for me! I have made new friends, reconnected with friends, and learned a lot about myself. From a financial standpoint, well I paid off a credit card, I paid our property taxes 3 months early and the rest is in my savings for upcoming vacations!
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“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”


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