Eat this....Not That!!!

This page is all about helping you find better alternatives to unhealthy and sometimes unknown unhealthy items. 
Number One: Protein bars or Energy bars
They are loaded with sugar, and most of them are also packed with enriched white flour, saturated fats and corn syrup, in addition to the few vitamins the wrapper touts on the front.
* For example the Cliff protein bar is one that is packed with over 20 grams of sugar per bar!
Clif Bar Choc Almond Fudge large
*My alternative would be the Quest Bar!!! Amazing taste delicious and on most it mainly containers protein (20 grams) and almonds! With only 1-2 grams of sugar!

Number TwoFlavored Yogurt
*Most fruit-flavored yogurt is full of artificial flavor. On the label they will say "Real fruit" wanting you to think it's healthier as a result. It's not, because it's packed with sugar, preservatives and usually food coloring.
*My alternative Plain Greek Yogurt. Yogurt should have two ingredients: Milk and active cultures.. If you want fruity yogurt, buy plain Greek yogurt and add fruit. It tastes better, because there aren't any weird chemicals or preservatives in it, and it's much healthier

Number three: Dried fruit.
In some fruits, dehydration causes the nutrients to become more concentrated, which is great. However, many dried fruits, such as cranberries and cherries, often have added sugar, along with preservatives called nitrites.
My alternative would be REAL FRUIT.  Also, when you eat an actual apple, you're consuming all the water in the fruit, which helps hydrate and fill you up. When you eat 20 dried apple rings like they're chips, you'll probably still be hungry, and you've just eaten the equivalent of several apples. Instead, just eat fruit. It's cheaper than the dried stuff, anyway


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