#fitmom strong momma arms💪... They didn't always look like this. I actually use to idolize others that had such nice tone arms. I would make the excuse that they were genetically built that way and my arms would never look that good. I mean I was lifting weight already and still no changes!! 😳
What I wasn't doing is controlling my diet with portion control and getting in all my food groups each day. I was also on repeat doing the same old workouts ... Run, body pump, cardio. Still no changes.
Now I mix it up with a few different things.
☑ 2 days of weight training using weights
☑ 3 days of high intensity cardio and strength training using just my body weight
☑ 1 day Of whatever workout I feel like.
Guess what!!! They are all only 30 minutes!! My nutrition is what makes it possible to only need 30 minutes. Yup these momma 🔫's are a product of a lifestyle I learned and now teach during my 21 day challenges!!
You can do it too!! Don't make excuses like I did. I am stubborn too and I could kick myself for not taking charge sooner!!


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