Who wants a firm booty?

Frog jump:
1.Start in a squat position with knees softly bent.
2.Jump up, lifting legs as high as you can off the ground. As you fall down, drop all the way to the floor.
3.You should be in a deep squatted position with knees pointing slightly outward and your hands on the floor. ***Repeat the jumping motion without breaking up the movement for 60 seconds.
Modification: Decrease your range of motion on both the jump and the drop. Hop rather than jump and squat rather than touch the floor.
Leg Lifts:
As you lay on your back, kick your legs up into the air so that the bottoms of your feet are facing the ceiling. Slowly lower your legs until they are a couple inches off the ground, and then return to the starting position. Remember to keep your stomach flat as you complete the exercise. Repeat for 3 sets of 12-15 reps.
Tip: If you’re having trouble keeping your lower back on the ground, tuck your hands under your butt. It will tilt your hips up and relieve some of the pressure on your back.
Tip toe squats
(1) Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-­‐width apart, toes turned out with hands on your hips.
(2) Raise up onto your toes and squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor keeping your chest up and shoulders back.
(3) Pop yourself back up to your starting position while remaining on your tip toes. Perform this move for 60 seconds.
Modification: Lower your feet to the ground between every rep or decrease the range of the squat.


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