How I came across a opportunity and ran with it!

How I came across a opportunity and ran with it! Now it's time to pay it forward! 

I am a BUSY wife and mom!
I started with a FULL-TIME job in health care
I had never heard of health and fitness coaching
I had NEVER completed a fitness program
I was not a expert in health and fitness or a personal trainer
I didn't know much about social media

WHAT I HAVE NOW BECOME - is someone who is a successful entrepreneur because I was teachable, had the drive to create success and be a real go getter. I now lead a team of network marketers- teaching them how to help people through health and fitness without being a tacky "salesperson". I have a true passion for health and fitness and a desire to help more then just one person but families!
When I first got started I was so CLUELESS, but I desired a change in my life that would lead me to more time with my family and that sweet little girl you see in my picture! So I knew to change my life all I needed to be was TEACHABLE!

As a busy mom with a already full time career at the time, I had to figure out where to squeeze in time for my own fitness and my online coaching business. This lead me to spending nap time and night time working on growing what has now become a replacement for my full-time Dental hygiene income... and then some!!

I may not be perfect and I have my off days too when it comes to my fitness, but that is what coaching is all about! Sharing your ups and your downs then showing others how you have overcome them!.. One of the reasons I love this job. It doesn't feel right to call it that because this is my passion! I thrive on helping others not only reach healthy and fulfilling lives but also creating a substantial income for themselves and their families too!!

This has been a crazy ride for me and I am so glad I didn't overthink it and knew right away this was for me!! I wasn't scared to put myself out there knowing that all I had to do was take it one day at a time, be consistent and just be me!

In Just a year my team has become one of the fastest growing in the company! You will soon find out I am a all in coach that won't leave you behind if your goal is to really make a success like I have! I mentor my coaches and have helped to lead many of them into successful careers.

I am now wanting to train and mentor others that have a true passion and drive as I did to changed their circumstances. I will provide you with the tools you need to became a real coach not a product pusher!! That's night what I am about and that is how I train my team to be.

Click the above header "Join My Team" or email me at for details and more insight on coaching. Wiling to answer any questions just as my coach did for me when I first joined a little over a year ago.


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