RAW Serving people who want to sustain a "living foods lifestyle"

Serving people who want to sustain a "living foods lifestyle"

What an amazing find that my husband and I came across while touring Chicago. We often like to stop into the local Whole Foods to see what they may have in comparison to our own local store here in Louisville, KY. 

This day we happen to come across a hidden treasure that is enjoyed by many locals. As we were drawn in by a sample of the Apple Cinnamon Parfait, which contained Crunchy Raw Granola, probiotic yogurt, and plump raisins nestled in agave nectar. Our tastebuds were taken away from this sweet yet perfect collaboration of ingredients. 

We were also greeted by a very friendly man that was knowledgeable on all the food the kitchen had to offer. He was polite, kind, and you could tell he was passionate about the food. He seem to get real joy when talking about the food and was so informative on the subject of living foods.

 He began to tell us about their bread. He explained to us that the bread is never cooked. The point of this RAW kitchen is to keep the food ALIVE. Their goal is to keep the nutrients high in their foods. Making warming any of their items a big NO NO. The heat kills and decreases the value of nutrients. Which does make for some unusual looking bread. 

The Poppy Seed bread pictured above contains: Wheat berries, almonds, flax seed, garlic, black pepper, EVOO, and Himalayan Salt. 

They had a large assortment of Cold Pressed Juices. Many of these juices suggest offering properties that will help improve skin and hair. Also helping to decrease cravings and promote weight loss. While other juices suggested they can help clear the fog from your head and make you feel more alert and aware. 

So after learning so much about their food and sampling several different dishes it was time to pick a entree. We went with one of the best sellers, "Riding the Wave". This dish contained kelp noodles with high mineral content, next to no carbs, and good fats from the almond butter. Raw really takes this traditional Thai Asian dish to new heights. 

Of course after sampling another best seller and allowing our test buds to fall in love with the lemon zest from this tasty dessert. We also had the Lemon Square to split. If you have ever had Key Lime Pie before this is very similar but replace the lime flavor with lemon. The texture is very similar, almost like a cheese cake. With only a few ingredients and a lot of flavor we understood how this was a hit with many. 

So you may ask WHY... why is there not more of these amazing Raw kitchens everywhere. Well these two ladies shown here, Polly and Carole are very passionate about their food and hold some very high standards on their kitchen. It was explained that they are wanting to make sure once the kitchen is out of their hands that there is no compromise in food quality. They are both very passionate about food and have a very strong why for beginning this journey together. In their bio's that I happen to come across it was mentioned that they both had significant family members that passed due to cancer. Now this really hit home for me since I too have a parent that passed from cancer. These ladies are both firm believers like myself that bad nutrition plays a key role in the epidemic of poor health that we as people are enduring. So I honor them for their mission in changing lives! 

I am really excited to watch the growth of this company. I feel their heart is in it for the right reasons and that promoting health is what motivated them to create their own dream kitchen. I encourage you to try it out next time you may hit up Chicago or go check them out online at www.chicagorawfood.com

- Danielle Lickteig 


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