My Three Favorite Drinks

My Three Favorite Drinks 
(One I don't talk about enough)

Pictured is one thing I don't talk about enough! NO not my starbucks! .. I talk about that plenty wink emoticon LOL! Shakeology is what I am talking about. This is something that I really hesitated to try. I hated the fact that Chris Lickteigwould drink protein drinks becasue they had so much garbage in them!! YUCK!!
So when I first heard about shakeology from others that were doing it I cut on it and said, "Shakes just aren't for me! I want REAL FOOD!" So when I called my coach Brooke to talk about being a coach I told her I wanna coach but I don't wanna do shakeology. She encouraged me to read up on it and informed me that I may be unaware of the benefits. That got me to thinking, you know what maybe I am uneducated on the product. I am judging and being stubborn, yet I have not even looked into it!
After getting off the phone I looked for every piece of info I could find on shakeology. My hubs even started watching youtube videos and reserching ingriedints. Yes we are that obbessive. I eat a 75% organic diet so what goes in my body is important. I am by no way perfect and I still have things that are not clean and not organic but when it comes to everyday use you better bet it's gonna be the best thing for me and my family.
What I learned is it's not just a "protein drink". I mean yes it has protein but it has so much more!! Like Amino Acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, prebiotic, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Now I could sit and break that all down for you but instead I will post the link below wink emoticon
They use NO artifical colors, flavors, or sweetners. It contains no soy, which in abundance in it's isolated form is very damaging to our health. There is no sucralose, which is commonly found in others shakes and often found in cells during cancer research.
I DO NOT USE this for weight loss!! That is another misunderstanding. YES it can be used for weight loss and is found to be VERY effective. However, I don't want to lose weight I want to maintain and give my body the nutrition it is missing from our soil depleted food. You MUST supplement even with the cleanest diet.
I felt if I am going to supplement why not pick the best thing for me and my family? That's right we ALL use it, including our 3 year old Reese (Yup, I got it pediatrician approved first). Sometimes I get price objections but to tell you the truth peeps... you pay for what you get ‪#‎truth‬. I value my health and feel it's worth every stinking penny!
Click link for detailed info:
NOT here to sell this to you but just give you the facts. I am happy to answer more questions if you are like me you may have many. You can email me at with questions or how to order. 


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