Heart Rate watches, how do they work?

I often see in my social media feed pictures of others heart rate monitor watches that show their calorie burn. I see this because most of my feed is full of people that are striving to get fit and healthy but also share their journey for accountability. Which I always encourage anyone to do on social media in hopes it will inspire more to get healthy. What I worry about is that others will compare their workouts and the lower calorie burn that they may get compared to others.

First I want everyone to take a few factors into consideration... The number would be different for EVERYONE because it depends on your gender, weight, length of time you worked out, amount of intensity and how long did you let it run after the workout was over (which would also show that Excess post-exercise Oxygen, AKA "after burn"). So NEVER compare your calorie burn to someone else's unless you know all of those factors

Second I want you to realize that if your nutrition is on point you don't need to burn 800-1,000 calories a workout. Results are not just made by killing yourself at the gym. You can get results simply by improving your nutrition, portion control and eliminating process foods.

So my watch shows 30 minutes of Insanity Max 30 which is just over 300 calories. When my husband does this same workout he burns 500+ calories. Does that mean he hit it harder then me? Umm... NO! LOL! It is due to him being Male and weighing more there for burning more calories. Does that mean I need to workout more to hit his 500 calorie burn? NO! I don't need to burn that many calories a day to get results. At my weight, height, gender 300+ calories a day is a great burn for me.

So remember not to compare your burn to someone else's and to keep those factors in mind. Do you and be the best you can be!! The fact that you are up moving and burning anything is what is really important.


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