Are you a parent? Then this is worth the read

Are you a parent? Then this is worth the read
Are you a parent? Then this is worth the read

It's not unusual for people to take notice to what I have on the belt at the checkout line. 

Today the man behind me said, "Oh wow that is way to healthy, you must be on a health kick for the new year." Caught off guard by his comment I said, "No this is just how I eat. I eat to live and not live to eat." He proceeded to show me a few items in his cart, which were 2 boxes of brownie mix, 3 boxes of pop-tarts, 4 bags of chips, 2 boxes of little Debbie's, frozen pizzas and 3- 12 packs of soda. After showing me those few items in the cart he then said, "but this stuff is all for the kids. If I ate this I would blow up like a ballon."

Ok so this is where I get heart broken. frown emoticon. I proceeded to tell him, "I didn't always eat like this but once I had my little girl I started to learn more about foods and decided to change my diet because of her." I don't know maybe that was harsh to respond that way to his comment but it was the truth and I could of made excuses for him and said something like, "oh yeah I know how hard it is to get kids to eat good" or " Yeah kids can eat anything and it won't hurt them". BUT I couldn't because that is so untrue and goes against everything that I try to help my challengers and their families with. 
If we as parents don't teach our children that they must allow moderation in their diets. Processed foods I feel are what most kids grow up on and I hate that. I desperately want to help people understand what this food is doing to them and their family. Where their children could end up in adulthood or possibly even before. How disease and obesity is a growing epidemic that is due to mainly the foods that are allowed in households or the fast food places that many conveniently run through.

Now I am not saying I expect kids to be perfect... trust me I don't. I understand you got to..., what do people like to say, "live a little" but the issue is when you take that LITTLE out of the statement. If week after week you are filling your household with garbage processed foods and sending kids off to school with foods that suck the life and energy out of them. That is where we have to take a stand.

I won't say it will be easy. Trust me I hear every excuse of why people don't feed their kids healthy foods. However, I have learned that anything in life WORTH having is NEVER going to come easy... NEVER! But if you never try you will find yourself still stuck at the same spot and down the road wondering what went wrong and why you never even tried to fix it.


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