Coming in August...

Coming in August..... 

After a year and half Chris and I have had a private emotional roller coaster with trying to have our 2nd child. God has now blessed us after many prayers with another miracle. We are so excited to finally announce that in August we will be having another baby!!! 

We had moments of thinking that our family of 3 was going to be just that. I felt VERY blessed to have Reese and was learning to bypass and deal with the comments from others of "time for a new baby" or "when you gonna have another, isn't it about time"... boy have I learned how emotional those questions can be for someone that is having trouble having a child. Trust me I have said those things a million times to my friends but now I understand you never know what may be going on behind closed doors and that the idea of a child could be something that hangs over their head daily.

I live my life out loud on social media so sharing that sadness was something I often found hard to hide when in person and asked questions about another child. However, today was an amazing day for my family! I had my ultrasound and the baby is growing, healthy and has this amazing beating heart that was like music to my ears!

If you think I will be slowing down... well you are somewhat right but I am even more motivated to take my coaching business to the next level!! I love what I do and the freedom it's given me to be with my family even more.

I also know that the healthiest pregnancy is one that has me eating right, exercising, and getting sleep! I have two of those things down and I am working on getting in more sleep. Thankful I have a supportive husband that takes very good care of me and takes on all those early mornings and random late night wake ups from Reese. I will continue my normal exercise routines with any needed modifications and I will still eat clean, portioned diet that is recommended for my growing baby! I have consulted everything with my doctor from exercise to shakeology and it's all a go!

This coach is going to be sharing an entirely new exciting journey with even more focus on healthy families!


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