How the color-coded portion control containers work

How the color-coded portion control containers work

Ok so what I often don't show anymore in my pictures are my containers!! The reason is I now have my portions locked down in my head! I can look at food and I know what and how much is my limit to maintain my current weight (no longer looking to lose just stay toned) and to not under eat! 

Before starting portion control that was a issue. People may think the opposite but what I had done was over ate healthy fats often and under ate veggies and protein regularly! This caused me to not see the ultimate result I was looking for which was more exposed muscle tone and less flabby areas.

So today I brought the containers back out to show everyone this is how it is done and this is how I have stayed on track for 18 months now. To me this is mindless. I eat clean, no processed foods and I eat a lot! The food and my superfood shake is high in nutrition which leaves me full and energized yet low in calorie. I feel healthier then ever before and that makes me feel better then anything!!!

Today lunch/snacks: Clean Egg Salad ( see comments for my video /recipe) on a tortilla, carrots and hummus, apple, sunflower seeds.

Accountability groups run monthly! Portion control is part of each one and fitness is something that we would want to chat about to find out what is best for you!!

Who's ready to end this year strong? Post christmas challenge will be happening!


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