Why I love Whole Foods Grocery

Why I love Whole Foods Grocery 

You know this store is doing something right when the word healthy is written on their bag! Did you know that Whole Foods requires their foods to have certain standards? Well they do! 

Why can't all stores be this way? Oftentimes when we tell people we shop at whole foods the first thing they say or think is 'That place is too expensive'! I get that, there are things in there that I feel are tooexpensive and do not purchase. However, for the most part we find things are rather reasonable if you plan and shop right.

My family and I do not solely shop at whole foods, we comparison shop between there and the organic section at our Local Kroger. But our experiences at Whole Foods keeps us coming back. We drive nearly 45 minutes to get to ours.

What attracts us to whole foods largely is there commitment to standards they set for the foods they stock. They have a list of items not allowed in the foods they sell here


As well as standards for all their products: meat, seafood, supplements, body care, organic and others that you can read about here. http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/about-our-products/quality-standards

The store is always clean. Everyone is friendly and seems to have a passion for what they do. There are samples out daily of new items, and on Friday nights our local whole foods hosts something called Friday Night Flights. This is a $5 food and beverage tasting event in which they pair certain foods with complimenting beers and wines. They turn up the music and the grocery becomes a social event!!!! We love going to these!

Yes you may pay a little more for these items. But at what cost are you putting garbage into you and your families bodies? Without your health, you have nothing. You cannot enjoy your life to the fullest if you aren't in good health. 


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