New Coach Training Academy

Last month I set my goals high! I wanted to help everyone that was ready to make changes in 2016!!! So I made it my personal goal to make that at least 25 new people. I came very close at 23 and felt very excited for all of them!!! 

At the end of them month I found out that not only did I help 23 new people start in one of my challenges but my team helped 144 people commit to making changes in their health too. Tell me how amazing is that!? To know that what we are doing is touching not just one person anymore or even 23 but hundreds!!! 

What made me the most proud was when my upline team of 15,000 coaches posted his leaderboard and I had the honor of being the #1 person to impact the most people last month. However, the best part was to see my team follow suit and even one of my coaches being in the top 15!!! 

Anymore this is not just about me! It's about helping and developing my team to be their own leaders!!! It's about creating step by step systems for them so they don't have too! It's about giving them knowledge on being a really awesome coach and then watching them play it out! 

New Coach Training Academy begins Monday and we will take 2 weeks to learn the basics of coaching and how to be someone that is ready to help others and not just be that really annoying sales person! We have several new coaches about to begin this journey together and learn the ins and outs of what we do. 

If you have been considering coaching but scared you may be lost then now is the time to begin my online training group 
 Training was the #1 reason I joined when i did! I needed to be taught how to coach and then I needed to implement what I learned. That's exactly what I did and a year and half later I have had some really great success and can't wait to share with others in my own training group!!!

*** Online Training group for my team runs twice a month 
Email me at: 
to learn how to join my team and my training group


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