2016 Success Club Cruise with Team Beachbody!

We Arrived!!! We were so ready to board the ship with all of our team and all the rest of the the thousands of coaches! 

First thing we did?! Checked out the amazing view from our balcony room! 

Excited to also have one of my Diamond coaches on the trip this year!! Jessica and I had so much fun on this trip! It was really cool to be able to get away with her and others on the team! 

That night we attended the Private Invite ONLY Elite and Premiere coaches party! They had all you could eat food and drinks for all of the top coaches on the team! I felt so honored to be attending this with some of the other top coaches in this company! 

 They also had all the celebrity trainers in attendance and we got a few snap shots with them during the event! 

Next morning it was time for those optional LIVE celebrity trainer workouts!  

 You bet I was there with hundreds of others! Autumn kicked my butt a few times on this trip!

Oh Yes workout complete and time to enjoy the view and relax by the pool the rest of the day! 

First I had to have my post Shakeology to refuel from the unlimited Shakeology bar!! 

Dinner with the team that night! Formal Night and Picture time! 

Getting in a few photos with my Rockstar Diamond Coach Jessica Saucedo! 
Was pretty Pleased how our formal picture turned out! Chris's hand even covers my prego belly.. LOL! 

 Our First stop was Bahamas! We went to Atlantis for the day! It was so amazing! We had not been there since our honeymoon in 2009!

Close to the last day of the cruise I earned a special VIP workout with only 100 other coaches! It was kept secret up until the day before when we found out we would be doing Autumn's new fitness program, Country Heat!!! Talk about awesome! Just watch my video to hear my thoughts after the workout! 

Check out a preview of Autumn Calabrese's new Fitness program set to release this Summer! Country Heat!! You bet I'll be doing a ONLINE challenge group on this program as soon as it releases in JULY!! 
Email me if you are interested OwnMyTone@gmail.com

Only a few got to have a Photo Opp with the celebrity trainers but I earned it and was thrilled to meet them all again and get some fun "maternity pics" with them!! Gonna be some good ones for the baby book! 

Joel and Jericho 

 Autumn Calabrese 

Sagi Kalev

Tony Horton

 Our Trip was amazing and another life changing one down in the books with this community of uplifting people! We all just care about helping others and betting our own health! So proud to be a part of this company!! 

Video created by my husband, Chris Lickteig 


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