BALANCE....wife, mom, fitness, nutrition.

BALANCE....wife, mom, fitness, nutrition. 

I was asked this question today and many times before.... "How do you balance everything?" 

My balance has recently got much better then it was in the past. I workout more since becoming a coach because I am so motivated by my challengers when I do these groups they help me get up and get moving! Even as a coach I need motivation and accountablity. 

I also workout at home which for a busy momma that is just so much better. My results are much better now that I have my nutrition in check and workout using structured programs to get results. Before I was working out and going to the gym but no structure just all over the place. Which that makes it hard to stick to anything. I like having a set schedule. Less cheats and I am more likely to follow along if I know what I need to do!! 

That's why at home fitness and following these programs work best for me. Retraining my brain portions, clean eating and focusing on nourishing my body... "Eating to live, instead of living to eat". I still have my cheats!! I have very much a 80/20 but coaching helps me stay on track for sure! 

Who couldn't need help with that!?!


  1. Thank you for this useful data. it is very helpful and i appreciate for your hard work. and i also would like to share something about Pro Hormones because it is what every person must take for stay fit and fine.

    1. I choose to live a healthy, toxic free lifestyle for Me, my family and growing baby. What you have to offer is not safe and very harmful to people. Popping a pill to stay fit is your solutions then you need to start reading some books and doing TRUE research about health and nutrition. Please do not try to sell me things that could damage my health. Especially while pregnant! This is just sad really :(

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