Don't eat Iceberg Lettuce, and this is why...

Don't eat Iceberg Lettuce, and this is why... 

First multiple people have asked me what is in my salad so let me share that first 
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> Romaine and Spinach
> Sweet Peppers
> Cherry Tomatoes
> Cucumbers
> Sunflower seeds
> Blue Cheese 
> Tuna 
> EVOO and Red Wine as my dressing 

Ok so food for thought!! I use to think that if I went to a restaurant and got a salad that I could say I got a "Green" in for the day. Well after doing the fix portions I now know that you actually can NOT count Iceberg Lettuce as a "green" serving for the day. 
Because it contains LITTLE to NO nutrients. So my tip for salads when at a restaurant? ... ask for Romaine! If they have a caesar salad then they carry romaine lettuce. If at home then obviously buy spinach, kale, romaine or a spring mix but do not opt for Iceburg!! 
If you're gonna eat a salad then make count 
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Also don't kill it in dressing!!! Vinaigrettes are normally your best choice. If's creamy and thick it's probably a no no 
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 Unless, you made it by hand from the nutritional guide that each program now offers you!


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