Lets get real

Lets get REAL...

(EEEEK... morning hair, no makeup and all, hey this is me wink emoticon ) 

I did it!!! I took a stand this morning! I am so tired of seeing products out there that promise weight loss by taking a pill, wearing a wrap, taking a chemical filler based supplement or wearing a dang patch! I just think it's freakin crazy!!! Actually what it does is it makes me ANGER!!! 

Call it pregnancy hormones or just the fact that I am SO passionate about what I do as a coach but I can't sit and see people be tricked into doing "fad" diets that teach them NOTHING! It's time to get real! It's not freakin easy guys! I tell everyone that yes what I offer people will make it simpler but if you truly want to lose a large amount of weight and get HEALTHY then it will take effort on your part. I often tell people, "Nothing worth having EVER comes easy".

However, what I can guarantee is that I have TAUGHT you something! What we do in my groups you can do in your own home and teach it to your families. We eat CLEAN, focus on nutrition, and exercise. It takes multiple elements to get results not just one thing. The focus is getting rid of chemicals and fillers out of your bodies that you are often putting in them daily by eating processed foods or supplementing with things that have a ton of garbage fillers in them.

I'm here to say whether or not you "buy" a single thing from me I really hope you find my post valuable and that you take my tips and implement them. My reason I started coaching was to educate, help and support people! So if you buy something from me, great, but if something I have posted has helped in your journey of getting healthy, well that makes me feel even better! I do this because I care and I care to help people get healhty the RIGHT WAY!! Please don't buy into fads and do your research, your health and family is worth it! 


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