Insanity Max 30 challenge group

Insanity Max30 Challenge group 

How many of my followers are true HARDCORE fitness junkies? I mean you take it to the MAX and crush your workouts with the HIGHEST intensity? 

What if I said I am about to release some secret info about one of the biggest price cuts I have seen with a Beachbody fitness program. I don't talk about cost and price all that much because it's just not my style but this is something that I can't hold back!

Stay tune I will go FACEBOOK LIVE at noon with details! This won't be for everyone!! You have to be someone condition to high intensity and at a moderate to advanced fitness level!

If you think this is you get excited because I plan to do two challenge groups next month and one of them will be for my fitness junkies that need to challenge themselves with a workout like no other!!!

Email me at: OwnMyTone@gmail to get details about this group! 


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