Leading by Example

Leading by example 
Today the family is enjoying Clean Banana Apple muffins made by Reese!! Ok so she had some help from mommy  But she did so good stirring and getting the bananas smashed! 

It makes me so proud to have her helping me in the kitchen. She thinks she is playing and being a big girl like mom, but what I know is she is learning the value of making food at home. She is learning what is healthy and what is not healhty. She understands that food is not about picking it up in a drive-thru on the go, it's about learning to prepare for the next day so you don't make those bad choices.

When you get your kids involved you may think they won't remember certain things, especially when so young. However, I am here to say they will! I remember going to the gym and seeing my mom eat healthy all the time. She instilled these values in me from a very young age and I took those with me as an adult. Now here I am not only taking care of me and my family but now able to help so many others along their journey's of health and fitness.

So never underestimate the power of LEADING BY EXAMPLE!! You are your kids role model so if nothing motivates you to be healthier then let it be them!!! 


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