quality cost

Quality cost 
So after my glucose test this week I learned I was a little anemic (common in pregnancy). So I went on the hunt at our local natural food store and found a natural clean Iron supplement by Garden of Life. It was perfect for me being a liquid (hate taking pills), natural, organic and non-gmo. The price was a bit higher than most supplements but like my husband said, you pay for quality! I am 100% believer of that. I may not always buy all the top name brand clothes, shoes or purses but one thing that I make my top priority is not what I wear on my body but what I put into it!
It always leaves me confused when people complain of money, yet have really nice phones, cars, accessories, clothes or shoes. Then I hear them say eating healthy or buying quality supplements is to expensive.... SMDH  If everyone would stop for one second and think about what makes them live longer, happier and more fulfilling lives would they still choose that vacation, designer handbag, or expensive night out on the town?
My advice is to STOP living for the now and START living for your future. Your body is your temple so treat that way! Buy clean foods, eliminate the processed stuff that can damage and risk your health. Don't give in to quick fixes and create the life that will give you the ultimate happiness and joy in your old age, your health. We have only one body so be good to it


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