What High School lunch use to look like for me

What High School lunch use to look like for me 

Say hello to my high school lunch. Pretty often I would get these Snack Well cookies and a bag of Chex Mix and call it a day. I looked at the calories seen they were fat-free and felt good about my choice. 

Into adulthood I continued this through college too. I looked at the calories, thought nothing about the nutrition and always felt good about my choice. Now don't get my wrong I still had meals. My parents were great cooks but when you are off at school, to lazy to cook and on the run then you choose something quick and low calorie, right?

My snacks were never veggies, fruits, nuts/seeds, hummus, yogurt. They were 100 calorie packs and quick on the go boxed snacks. Learning more about nutrition, how to fuel my body, how to get results and how to keep my family healhty has really changed my life. I feel better, I am less fatigue, and I know that I am prolonging my life by making these better choices.

So next time you grab a snack go past the Nutrition facts of calories and fat grams and read the ingredient label instead. What's in it? Is it artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners? Is there GMO soy? Hidden cancer causing sweetener called Sucralose? Chemicals and other fillers... (anything starts with Mono, Hydro, Phosphate, chloride etc... if it looks like a chemistry equation then it's a CHEMICAL). 


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