What is really in Nutella and what is a better alternative?!

What is really in Nutella and what is a better alternative?! 

Do you love Nutella? What if I found a replacements for the very unclean chemical based Nutella!!! Would you want to know how and where?!? Well first lets talk about what is wrong with Nutella...

Ingredients in Nutella: 
Sugar, Palm oil, Hazelnuts, coca, skim milk, soy lecithin, vanillin, and artificial flavors. 

What is bad you ask?
> Soy Lecithin- Soy is harmful due to being GMO- lab created with chemicals added into it...YUCK!!! and cancer causing!

> Vanillin: I had to look this one up but what I found is the following... Vanillin is a vanilla extract alternative made from wood pulp. It is commonly used to reduce production costs. And, unlike real vanilla extract which is produced from real vanilla beans, vanillin is synthetic and may be produced using petrochemicals and byproducts from the paper industry.

> Artificial flavors: Chemically created and linked to many illness including cancer and ADHD in kids (It's everyone where!! Read your labels!! Even things you wouldn't think it was in too! )

> I found this amazing freshly ground Chocolate peanut butter at Whole Foods! It's organic peanuts and organic chocolate chips! ... that is it!!! Now let me add a side note! This does not make it health to have all the time or in abundence! Sugar is still in this and the presence of to much sugar is NOT go either. However, for a occasionally treat this has my vote wink emoticon

Ditch Nutella! If you don't have a whole foods then buy an organic peanut butter with just peanuts and salt!!! Read the label. It may say all natural but that is always tricky wording!! That's right Jiffy all natural is not really all natural wink emoticon I prefer Simple truth brand from Kroger. Some may say but it's more expensive! Well think about this! They are cutting cost on the products with fillers because they can add FILLERS not real food! Real food cost MORE! That is it! That is the fact wink emoticon
 My favorite quote when talking about nutrition.... "You pay for what you get" 


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