Trying to create balance when it comes to snacking at school 

This weekend I put together snacks for Reese to have at Pre-K. Her snacks there lately had not been something we wanted her to have as frequently as it felt they were giving them to her. Often it would be snacks that had artificial EVERYTHING in it, tons of preservatives and SUGAR!!! 

We are all about moderation but it felt like it was more then what we liked. So yesterday I loaded up on all the clean, low sugar dry snacks I could find! For lunch she is able to keep her food in the fridge so that is where she gets her fruits and veggies in while at school but for snacks they like it to be something quick and easy to grab. So problem solved!
I put together Pecans, Organic air-popped popcorn, sprouted grain sweet potato crackers, Multi-grain chex and a few Annie's snack mixes. My qualifications for these snack bags were INGREDIENTS and SUGAR. Now don't get me wrong she has candy and sweet stuff from time to time but we like to control that in our home instead of allowing her to get it outside the home right and left :/.
Adults see children and they just want to give them sweet treats, LOL! But seriously how many times does your kid get offered something sugary? People just put kids and candy together. However, there has to be a balance. We do our best to keep that balance. Even sticking to only water in our home (or shakeO and almond milk for her, LOL). This is our personal preference for our kids and it came long before being an online coach.
After almost 10 years in the dental field and seeing kids with cavities right and left from what they ate I was determined to do my best to control what she ate. So this week I'm putting my foot down and snack time will now be what we provide. Plus she is excited about having her own "special snack treat


  1. snacking at inappropriate hours has beasiclly what ruined my diet. i can not even help it some times. thank you for coming up with this post, i really needed it. keep posting more useful things as this


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