Say hello to my 14 week postpartum journey!
From right after having Cash to now I have hit my goal! I often questioned myself if I was really ever going to get back to my original body before I had Cash. However, one thing I did NOT do is stop trying! I put my faith in the workout programs, the portion-control clean eating and getting in my daily super foods shake.
When Beachbody released their new program Core De Force I purchased it right away and began as soon as we got back from our trip to California! I could’ve made the excuses not to start then, since Day 1 of the program was Halloween! But I didn’t!! In addition we also had TWO wine club events planned during those 30 days. I will admit on those days I was not 100%! However, I did stick with it and didn't let those little slip ups get in my way! I cleaned up my nutrition the rest of those 30 days and never skipped a workout!
I seriously could not have done it without shakeology; and this is no sales pitch it's the dang truth! I normally just use my shakes to fill in the gaps of my nutrition and as my daily vitamin. However, during these 30 days I needed it bad to really give this program 100%! It stopped me from grabbing sweet treats and help to curb my night time snacking! So simply switching my timing of it from a post-workout shake, to an after dinner treat was extremely advantageous.
My results did NOT come from just one thing. Often people think they can do one of the 3 things I am about to mention and get these kind of results. I'm here to say that is RARE, the average person needs to have full circle nutrition and fitness.
From my very first picture to now I have lost 15 pounds. From Day one (picture 3) of CDF to Day 30 (picture 4) I have lost 10 pounds and 4 inches off the waist. My focus area was the mommy belly! These pictures show my progression and the definition of my abs. However, I have many more pictures that illustrate that my results were all over! Even those love handles!!! Ugh…I hate those! Typically when I put on weight that is a problem area so I wasn’t surprised that during pregnancy that was the first place (besides growing belly) that I seen weight coming on.
At the end of the day I'm pumped to have my old body back but what matters the most is that I feel good, I'm healthy, and I committed to myself to change by doing it the right way! Food, Nutrition, and exercise! No magic here just hard work and determination!
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  1. Danielle you are such a strong and hard working lady, thank you fot this blog post an dfor your alwayts nice articles. All the best in the future


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