Taking a look back

#TBT Who is this girl? LOL! This is me back in my college days! Crazy to think I am more healthy and fit at age 32 and after 2 kids then I ever was as my 21 year old self! I have ALWAYS been into fitness, thanks to my momma! She was such a role model to me when it came to that (thanks Vicki Owens) but when you are in college, broke and just trying to make it through to graduation your nutrition is always on the back burner! 

My diet consisted of tuna helper, Ramen noodles, lean pockets and any other frozen meal that was quick and easy! What else do you do in college? DRINK! Not that I drank a lot but I did live it up some on the weekends and went for late night pizza or White Castles at 4AM more times then I'd like to admit.
But with age comes wisdom! It's amazing what children do to you and no, I don't mean your body. I mean your mind! It caused me to want to LEARN more about what types of foods I was giving her and how I could make her the healthiest little human on the plant!
It caused Chris Lickteig and I to look at ourselves and our nutrition. What we discovered was if our little girl was that important to us then why did we not care or feel we were that important too?
Often people want the best for their children but forget to look in the mirror. The excuse of putting others first may make you feel warm and cozy about yourself but at the end of the day how can you really take care of them? Taking care of them means being their to watch them grow old and to have children of their own.
Let me say if you are not putting yourself first then you are not putting anyone first.... #truth 


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