Top Elite Team!!

Tuesday night I get to share how our team became a top 50 team in the network of 450,000 coaches! We ended 2016 at #42 and became known as one of beachbody's few ELITE teams!!! 

I could not be more proud of our team and how far we have come! We are still considered "new" in the game and it's neat to see new coaches already hitting their success goals! Does that mean they are leaving their jobs within a few month... NO!!! But does it mean they are getting healthier, learning more about coaching others while working on them, and making a supplement income that pays the bills... YUP!!!

See our team knows this is no get rich quick and truthfully if you think it is then you're missing what this opportunity really has to offer! We are a top ranked team because we HELP people, we step outside of our comfort zones and we share our own personal journey in hopes to motivate others! Now lets not lie and say we don't get paid to do that, but you won't get paid if you are not in love with what you are doing and inspired by impacting others!

Our team has the training that could give you the opportunity to be a great coach! I say opportunity because you have to decide, will you put what you learn into action? I'm proud to say so many on our team has done that! They see that what we are doing is impacting people and it lights a fire under them to be even better! We've built a tight community of coaches that all have a common goal, make this life better by making a differance!

If you are interested in joining one of the top teams in the network then make sure you are on this webinar or if you can't make it let me know so I can send you the info to learn more about our team and what we have to offer! 


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