Abs are made in the Kitchen

When I say abs are made in the kitchen... this is NOT what I mean!! 🤣
Ok seriously guys, I see a ton of transformations posted out there all day long and I see people ask them 🤔 what workouts are they doing, what workout will help them lose weight in their thighs, their butt, or their tummy.
I'm about to get real with you all! It's NOT the fitness that is getting them killer results. I mean don't get me wrong it helps and does a lot for the body!!! It is an important element to this all but it's an element that only makes up what I consider 20% of your results to get HEALTHY and to get FIT!
The 80% starts right here!.... No not doing crunches on your kitchen floor! In your kitchen 🍽 !!! Have you heard 👉🏼 "You can't out train a bad diet" Well it's so true!! If you are eating like crap, not eating enough, binge eating, or packing your diet with processed low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie foods than you are not going to get the results you want! Even if you are crushing it at the gym for hours!!!
Your body is smart 🤓! You go to the gym to burn off those calories, while your body is saying "Oh hell NO! You just fed me processed foods and put an artificial, chemical filled supplement in me and now you want me to burn fat!?" Guess what!? It's not gonna happen!!! Instead your body is going to work hard to get the toxic stuff out of it!!! So all that time at the gym, crushing your workout was wasted on your body burning out the toxins you just put into it and not the fat..... what a waste, right!? 😭
You have to look at your nutrition and begin to make changes there! If you feel lost then seek out help! I come across so many that are just lost and that is why I feel I have a purpose with coaching! I am so lucky to get to share what I have learned in order to change peoples lives!!!
It doesn't have to be hard. You can learn to make small changes, work on your goals and you don't have to feel alone. Getting nutrition down can be tough if you have no one to give you guidance or the right tools to get you there.
The nutrition 101 online groups have became a learning resource for challengers that want to impact their health by doing this the right way! It begins with this right here... your kitchen! Don't let it intimidate you! You can do this!!!!👊🏼


  1. I agree with you 100%! Many people justify their bad eating habits by working out extra hard. But this only ends you confusing your body. Remember, you are what you eat!


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