Have you ever heard of Monocropping?
I hadn't until I started educating myself on nutrition! So if you are like me than Monocropping is a new term for you. "It is the agricultural practice of growing a single crop year after year on the same land, in the absence of rotation through other crops or growing multiple crops on the same land."
Do you know what continent is the #1 in Monocropping? .... NORTH AMERICA!! Farmers have began to strip the soil of nutrients to meet the demands of our growing population. Unfortunately, by doing this they are depleting the soil of nutrients and increasing the potential for disease.
As a society we are so nutrient deficient!!!! Even the cleanest, healthiest most whole food diet will never have enough nutrition to truly support the demands that our body fully needs to function, refuel and live a long healthy life.
I was that girl that thought a supplement was just goofy! My husband took a handful of vitamins a day, because he had a strong understanding of the importance from his dad on supplementing to meet the demands our body needs. Myself, however, did not! I got the exercise part of things but to me supplementing was scary! I thought if it doesn't come in the shape of an apple, carrot, spinach, banana etc... it was not meant to go in the body!!!
I was tainted, scared and let down by all the awful garbage products out there! They had their chemical fillers, artificial crap, and seemed to all be soy based (check out my write up from last week on soy). It wasn't until I used my own research to dig deeper!
I found a solution! A answer to something CLEAN, something innovated! Something that went above and beyond the FDA guidelines and that set a whole new standard! A standard that did not allow anything that would potentially damage our health. My answer was shakeology. It met my own personal standards (which are set pretty freaking high!!) and was my solution to quality!!!
I knew the nutritional quality of food wasn't the same and that I was literally missing a lot of my vitamins and minerals every day! I was undernourished, tired, not getting results, and increasing my risk for disease. I know that there is no one MAGIC solution but I also know that I can do everything in my power to change my outcome.
It came to the point that I knew my habits I set for myself and my life would be what contributed to my health or could be what took it away from it.


  1. A relatively new term for me. I myself try to discourage myself from taking any kind of supplements unless it’s completely necessary, and try to rely on foods.


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