Runner addict to at home fitness junky

From Runner to At Home Fitness Freak! 

Tonight’s Transformation Tuesday goes out to my back side! Lordy knows I've been working on a smaller harder booty my entire life! I use to think the only way to get a stronger lower half was to run! So that's just what I did! I ran mini marathon after mini marathon and I trained for hours following the running schedule months in advance!

For some of my weekend runs I got up to 12 miles, almost the length of a full race! I would be gone forever!!! I hated every second of it, but I'm very discipline when it comes to my fitness so I sucked it up and just hit the pavement! I wanted that "runners body", but what I didn't realize is my nutrition was not in check, and I was doing little to no cross training! I didn't pick up a weight and thought a 1000 calorie burn meant I was on the path to getting a rock hard body!

I did that for years and seen little changes! I watched the scale go up and down. My clothes never got bigger on me, and I still felt just as tired! It wasn't until I began to learn more about nutrition, portions and balancing my diet did I really begin to see myself transform! I began at home fitness and started doing short but intense HIIT workouts and mixed in lifting 2-3 days a week!

Running just wasn't what my body needed. Really what it needed was direction! I needed to understand how to fuel myself, and how to keep my body guessing when it came to fitness! I figured out how to do that with the right tools given to me through Beachbody. I will for ever be grateful for what I have learned these last 3 and half years of coaching and I'm honored to help others just like me trying to find a solution! Sometimes all we need is a little guidance and direction in order to reach our goals!


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