Sometimes I need more than just Coffee!

Sometimes I need more than coffee to crush my workout

Coffee ☕️ ... I love it! It warms me up in the morning and helps me to really open my eyes, but what it doesn't do is power 💥 me through a better workout!

Instead I use a clean plant-based 🌱pre-workout that helps me to improve my performance (higher calorie burn, amen 🙏🏼 !), promotes muscle recovery, and delays muscle fatigue during the workout so I can push harder!!! It contains a just the right dose of beta-alanine which buffers out the lactic acid build up in my body, in turn delaying muscle fatigue during my workout!!!

The best part and the thing I was most fearful of was getting the jitters! Other pre-workouts will often have those side effects that can even cause you to have anxiety or the inability to sleep! My plant-based drink uses low doses of caffeine from the natural source of green tea. You really have to be careful because often others will use synthetic sources of caffeine!! I'd rather get my caffeine from green tea 🍵 because it fits better with a more holistic lifestyle.

I love my coffee ☕️ but when it comes to getting in a serious workout, I stick to my yellow fuel ⛽️!


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