Taking a passion and making it my career

Taking a passion and making it my career 

The summer of 2014 I decided to stop feeling unfulfilled in my day job and decided to bring some excitement to my life. I needed a challenge! I was tired of the same thing day in and day out! My comfort zone was no where ready to leave it. I had a good paying job, great employer, and a work family that couldn't be replaced, but I knew something had to change! 

It hit me! I needed a side hobby! Something that brought the fire and hustle back into my life! Being a mom is the biggest blessing I have been given, but sometimes when we become moms we lose ourselves. I was losing myself in my job and in mom life. I needed a hobby that allowed me to have fun!

Then here came my now sponsor Brooke and her husband Jason on social media with their workouts, goofy videos, and their big smiles! Both dental professionals like myself, Brooke an RDH and Jason a Pediatric dentist, so I knew that they related to the struggles of feeling our job is so repetitive. I connected with them so much and watched them balance both day job and side job!

It may of took me 6 months to finally reach out, but I did and since then I've yet to turn back!!! Stay tuned! Full story is coming soon! As most of you know I left my professional career over 2 years ago! I'll be sharing more LIVE on here.

"and one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back becasue her passion burned brighter than her fears!"


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