Workout Essentials!!!!

The essentials right here! Socks to remind me to slay today, my clean plant 🌱 based pre-workout, new nike's, and my favorite heart ❤️ rate monitor! You will find most of these items in, "Danielle's Favorite things" for the ones that have the link already.
The Wahoo heart rate monitor is a must have y'all! I love to track my progress each workout! I set a minimum goal and if I don't complete it during a routine, I do more! It even pairs up with my fitness streaming system and shows my burn and HR on the screen! I've compared it to "fitbits" and the "Apple" watch!
If you have a fitbit... man those things are way off! Which makes sense, because they only track your pulse every minute, where a HR monitor tracks it non-stop. Now the Apple watch is the bomb, if you want to pay the money, But if you don't check this out!


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