21 Day Challenge Group Info

21 Day Challenge Group

A challenge group is basically a accountability group that will be formed in a private facebook group to help motivate, inspire and challenge each other to stay focused for those 21 days. Everyone will be on the same page because we will all be doing the same nutritional plan and starting the same day together. 

We will share meal plan ideas and tons of recipes. The group is there to also motivate each other and share their challenges with everyone. This community also helps to hold you accountable to stick with the program and to keep moving forward. It can be very challenging if start something new on your own. However, with a coach like myself and a group of others to help you through it, you are much more likely to succeed and achieve your goal! 

The program nutrition structure we follow had started with a program called the 21 Day Fix, it focuses mainly on portion control. However, now there are several programs that follow that portion structure and my groups will now be following all of them depending on which program you want to do fitness wise.

They all have a great series of workouts that work your whole body in 25-40 minutes. But it's CENTERED around portions and what to eat. The idea is to get into the habit of balancing out your diet and portioning it. Taking thought out of how you eat. It's something you can take with you regardless of what program you are doing. The key factor to this program is nutrition! Learning how to make this a achievable lifestyle and NOT a diet. Now there are several programs that follow that portion structure and my groups will now be following all of them depending on what you are look for fitness wise.

Learn more about the portion-control nutritional plan with each program... 



These physical transformations don't even begin to explain the emotional transformations!! Our groups are NOT about just weight loss! They are mainly about getting healthy and getting your families involved too. Some challengers have goals of weight loss, regaining energy, confidence, healhty habits, learning how to lead by example for their family, or finding themselves again! 

Whatever goal they may have been shooting for, the best part is they are all doing this together!! We become this group of one during those 21 days! The challenge groups become a place of encouragement, support, inspirations and non-judgement respect! 

My Transformation with 21 DF and 21 DF Extreme: 

21 Day Challenge one round: 

21 Day Challenge 9 Rounds and over 100 POUNDS!!! 

 21 Day Challenge 8 Rounds and over 60 pounds! 

21 Day challenge, 5 rounds and over 60 pounds! 

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