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La Croix 
Well being 29 weeks pregnant I can't have an fancy summer alcoholic beverages 🍹. However, once I can this is for sure going to be one of my mixers!!! No sugar, sparkling water and flavored essential oils! Perfect mixer for rum πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‰... You can still have fun times with Moderation and this mixer πŸ˜œ 

For now I'll just have this as my treat 

Quality cost 
So after my glucose test this week I learned I was a little anemic (common in pregnancy). So I went on the hunt at our local natural food store and found a natural clean Iron supplement by Garden of Life. It was perfect for me being a liquid (hate taking pills), natural, organic and non-gmo. The price was a bit higher than most supplements but like my husband said, you pay for quality! I am 100% believer of that. I may not always buy all the top name brand clothes, shoes or purses but one thing that I make my top priority is not what I wear on my body but what I put into it!

It always leaves me confused when people complain of money, yet have really nice phones, cars, accessories, clothes or shoes. Then I hear them say eating healthy or buying quality supplements is to expensive.... SMDH  If everyone would stop for one second and think about what makes them live longer, happier and more fulfilling lives would they still choose that vacation, designer handbag, or expensive night out on the town?

My advice is to STOP living for the now and START living for your future. Your body is your temple so treat that way! Buy clean foods, eliminate the processed stuff that can damage and risk your health. Don't give in to quick fixes and create the life that will give you the ultimate happiness and joy in your old age, your health. We have only one body so be good to it

The Master's Hammer & Chisel 
With Autumn (from 21 day fix)  and Sagi (from Body Beast)

It's here... well kinda wink emoticon ... Hammer and The Master's Hammer & Chisel on BOD!!
I try to incorporate weight lifting where I am only using weights with limited to no cardio at least twice a week. I have been previously following a program for years that has led me to muscle memory. I am so excited for the new release of a totally new wight lifting program that focus on both men and woman to build bulk or chisel and tone, depending on what you desire.
Right now it is only available as a sneak peek but it will be released in December this year!!! I created a little video to show all my followers a few of the moves from the sneak peek and encourage you all to try them out at home!! All you need is weights a bench and or a stability ball.

>>> Email me if you are wanting to be in my exclusive Test group for this program come December!! 
Apply at: 
Some call it a frozen meal... I call it toxic waste! 

Next time you come across one of those frozen "Healthy meals" please keep this picture in mind! This "food" should be handled with caution! ����

WHY?... Well for one, have you read the ingredients? Do even know what half of them are? I don't! When every other word looks like a old chemistry test I begin to wonder should I really handle this with my bare skin let alone put it in my body? 

Now don't be offended because I am NOT judging, I too used to eat these meals thinking that I was being HEALTHY! I also fell for the false advertising and got tricked by the wording on the package. I seen words like LEAN, HEALTHY, Weight Watchers and I thought this must be a quick healthy alternative to cooking the meals myself. I would look at the nutrition on the back of the box and my eyes would zero in on the low calories and fat grams…. And that was it! That is all it took for me to put it in my cart and feel guilt Free.

Boy have I learned a lot since then!!! I now know this is one of the big reasons that my body kept the extra fat. My body just couldn’t break down the fat fast enough due to all the processed harmful things I was putting into it. Which makes sense! If you put garbage food into your body that is full of preservatives, chemicals and highly processed foods then how can you expect it to work correctly? You can go to the gym for hours, run miles, and give what you believe to be a 100% but if you are continuing to put products like this in your body then you are wasting your efforts. Your body will focus on breaking down the chemicals instead of burning fat. Meaning that LOW CALORIE MEAL just turned into nothing but a big glob of belly!

If questioning what you eat then use the app Fooducate! It's awesome and it can really break down the ingredients for you and gives you a rating on how clean and unprocessed it really is.

So the other day I had some fun with it and scanned this Smart Ones, which is a product made by Weight Watchers

First Off I counted the ingredients on the list, which contained right at about 50 different items! Several of them I had no clue what they were. I then scanned the barcode and it gave the meal a grade of C+…. Ok so when I was in college a C+ was not so hot!

The explanations stated it contained:
• Trans Fats (increases chances of heart disease by raising your bad cholesterol and lowering your good cholesterol)
• High in Sodium with OVER 30% of the daily MAX.
• HIGHLY PROCESSED with CHEMICALS to help maintain the shelf life, NOT flavors.
• Contains Industrial Carmel Coloring- Which in some states is on the labels as a potential cancer-causing agents. Those are JUST SOME of the negatives to this so called “healthy” convenient food option.

AS you can see those so-called “Healthy” frozen meals do not necessarily imply real food. Ignore brand names and health promises on the front of the package. Do not just read the nutrition facts; dig into the ingredient label and see what’s really in your food. If you do need some help – just scan the barcode with your fooducate app and it will tell you what to watch out for and also offer you Healthier alternatives.




Can you spot the difference between these two?
If you've been in the health and fitness world for some time, you're probably week-versed with the argument that ground turkey is healthier for you then ground beef. But have you been buying the "healthier" of the ground turkey options that are available?
Many people don't realize that there are differences. If you take a second to notice the price, however, you're sure to see. Extra lean ground turkey breast can cost up to $3-4 more per pound! That's because the extra lean variety has a much lower fat content. Is the health difference really enough for you to spend those extra few dollars per pound? 
You decide!
A 4oz serving of Lean Ground Turkey is 170 calories, 8g fat (2.5g saturated) , and 21g protein. A 4oz serving of Extra Lean Ground Turkey breast is 120 calories, only 1.5g fat (0.5g saturated) and even has a whopping 26g protein!
keep in mind that lean ground turkey can be a healthier choice to ground beef, but leaner beef options can have less fat too! Always read the label to make sure you know you're getting the fat content you want!

Ok my husband has heard me say this several times before that I would NEVER post a bare belly prego picture. However, here I am doing just that! This was me a week before i had our little girl. I was happy, healthy, and carrying our first child! What an amazing exciting time for a young couple! But for a new mom it can be the time that you wonder.... "Will my body ever look the same?"
My pregnancy was text book. I gained the recommended weight for my size of 25 pounds and I stayed active all during my pregnancy (Yup I even did PUMP up until the week I had her!!!) She came out beautiful, healthy and quick!
The after part was scary for a new mom, not just having a new born, but looking at your tummy that now lays in rolls and looks like a puffy bloated mess. My stomach did shrink down within the first 2 weeks but with the loose skin still hanging around and the flabby areas looking well... flabby. Here comes that thought again.... "will my body ever look the same?"
It took some months to get back to my normal self as it does with all healing new mommy's. Once we started feeding Reese table food I started to research what to feed her. I then became very interested in clean, organic, non processed foods. I educated myself on the importance of making those food choices and I decided that is how I wanted to feed our little girl. It took me a few trips to the grocery to realize that I needed not only to feed her this way but my husband and I needed to be eating this way.
I asked myself why am I feeding my child a extremely healthy diet but not myself? Here it was... my aha moment! that was it my mind was set and I was on a mission! After cleaning up my diet I lost 10 pounds more then my pre pregnancy weight! I then sat at a plateau for a few years.
I still felt amazing but had those areas that I wanted to improve when wearing the ol Bathing suit! I started the 21 Day FIX and got my body fat % down and lost another almost 8 pounds! Plateau over! Results achieved! So these days I stay close to my fix portions (not 100% but keep that strict 80/20 balance) and I keep my body guessing with different workouts and workouts that use full body moves! I love PUMP and i still do it twice a week ... religiously! I NEVER miss PUMP!!.... like EVER!
My after picture is a place I didn't think I would be at after having our beautiful little girl or really at any point in my life. I thought once you have kids and become a mom that was it... your body will NEVER look the same! Well I can now say my body has NEVER looked like this! I am 30 years old, a mother to a two and half year old and I live a very busy life. If you want to change and challenge yourself then this is what you will get! Results, happiness, and fulfillment!

*** Consumers Beware When Purchasing From Your Local Grocery Deli Area****
So I use to go to the deli market area and get a order of balsamic tortellini, trail slaw, or fruit and nut chicken salad... etc. Well my thoughts at the time is that will be a quick easy side and it's made fresh at the deli so no box stuff with the preservative and all the other bad crap.
Then one day I took a look at the ingredients list and noticed a few words that looked unfamiliar and more like a chemical compound instead of real food! This got me wondering???... do they put preservative in their deli food? I decided next time I went in to ask the chef that question. He informed me that they no longer make a lot of the food that is shown in the case. The are now sent to them in large tubs and made in a factory somewhere. When I asked why? He told me they started doing that a few years back to help cut cost of making it fresh in store. ----> INSERT My angry face
Big shocker! Hello cooperate America! It's all about the money ! So here I have been buying this food on occasion for the past several years and not realizing that I was now putting something in me that I thought to be "fresh" is now something that was genetically modified and tainted with preservative and chemicals.
I want everyone to know the next time you THINK you are buying something fresh, healthy and all natural from your local deli you may start to also look closer at the list of ingredients and ask questions. Sometimes we as Americans don't do that enough.
You will no longer find me making a purchase from the deli area again unless it is made Fresh there in the store and every item on that list of ingredients is something that I know to be actual food! The chef did tell me they do still make a few things there in store but not much of what I was looking at in the case was something he actually made. Very disappointing and heart breaking to see that some of these grocery stores are thinking more about the dollar then the health of their consumers.

Just had an amazing nourishing and healthy dinner last night with Salmon, zucchini, and spaghetti squash. Now what came after is the unhealthy part of the night!
People often ask me if I ever eat unhealthy food or desserts and they're usually quite shocked when I tell them I do. I never want to deprive myself of anything or feel like I'm not allowed to have something. I want to be able to enjoy life and have a night out where I don't have to worry about what I'm eating. Yes I usually end up with a big bloated belly and I later feel very sluggish. The good thing is it gets rid of any cravings I might have and I always feel like going back to eating really clean the next day, so it works well!
It's so important to have a healthy relationship with food and not be scared of eating something that's not so good for you.
Remember that one bad meal won't make you fat or unhealthy, just as one healthy meal won't make you healthy! My favorite word comes into play MODERATION! You must have moderation in place when eating those unhealthy foods.
That's the great thing about being active and healthy all year round. You can have days where you don't eat so well and you're still able to maintain your health and your figure because you go straight back to clean eating and exercise. It's when you start consistently eating unhealthy food that you can get off track and it makes it really difficult to break the cycle and get back on track.
Allow yourself to have a treat every now and then (once a week is good), enjoy it, don't feel guilty about it and just get straight back on track your next meal. It's all about having a balanced lifestyle so it's sustainable and enjoyable.
If you need any guidance with your meals or training or if you need a kick start with your healthy and active lifestyle send me a message I am happy to answer questions and also let you in on what works for me!
image-14 image-16 image-17
The pictures are of my watch after 45 minutes in Body Pump today. I burned almost 400 calories at the end of class. Great right!?! I was happy with that! What I later learned was 15 minutes after keeping the watch going I was then over 500 calories! Ok cool another 100 calories! But wait how did that happen???
So this got me thinking…. How in the world did I burn another 100 calories doing nothing in 15 minutes??? I was sitting in my car headed to the grocery drinking my shakeology and resting. Was my watch broke? I mean it is brand new. I thought, well maybe there is a defect???
Once I get home from my grocery trip I put away my groceries away, ate lunch, and laid my little one down for a nap. I then looked down at my watch and it says over 800 calories! It has at that point been a little over 2 hours after my Pump workout. Remind you I spent 30 minutes of that sitting in my car and 15 of it eating my lunch. So what was up??? Ok Research starts!!!!.....
What I found was the following: Cardio exercise burns a lot of calories, BUT with conventional aerobic training, you stop burning calories when you stop working out. When you lift weights, you keep burning calories long after your workout has finished. The concept of burning calories after intense exercise is known as “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC- for short). The body will accumulate an “oxygen debt” forcing it to work overtime…. EVEN AFTER LEAVING THE GYM… to repay that debt. Working overtime ramps up the metabolism as the body tries to get back to rest. Which means even more calories burned while in my case today , just driving to the grocery and drinking my shake.
THE WATCH WORKS!!!! ---props to my new watch! I would have not figured this out without having it on today! Love learning new things! …especially when it comes to improving my health!
For women Les Mills Pump is perfect! They use what is called the REP EFFECT it is based on high repetition with low weights to maximize strength without overbuilding the muscles. If you are trying to transform your body and tone then weight lifting really is crucial! Muscle is critical in helping boost the metabolism to maximize fat loss. Traditional aerobic training only burns fat, but if you combine it with weight training, you get a double dose effect: you shed fat and develop lean muscle at the same time, so you tone much faster! Lets not forget the men too! Heavy lifting is not all you need to do to get a full body transformation. Men can use Pump’s rep effect to build a strong, athletic, muscular look.
I think many women get concerned that they will start to look bulky or to muscular. This will not happen with Pump you will define and tone without bulk. Any bodybuilder will tell you in order to get big, you have to lift big and eat big, using low reps and heavy weights. Total opposite of what the Pump program does.
I love Les Mills Pump! I have enjoyed this class for several years at the local YMCA and I continued it all through my pregnancy too. I now fortunately own the program and I am able to do it more often then before when I could only get it done at the gym.
Plus who doesn’t love burning calories doing NOTHING?!? Me me me!!!

10347181_442056059270593_1529323737382950794_n 10568877_442056039270595_4099212775021686350_n
I love this watch!!!! I have been curious for a long time how much I burn in spin class. So 40 minutes is 516 calories for my height and weight. I had on a heart rate sensor that comes with the watch and makes the reading more accurate. Very comfortable and I just wore it under my sports bra. It didn't slip and I didn't notice it there. Well worth $60 on amazon.
My mom instilled in me at a very young age the importance of exercise. She took me along with her weekly to the gym. She would workout and I would get on the stationary bike or walk the treadmill. I was doing what I thought of as playing or killing time but now as adult I now know she was teaching me a healthy habit at a very young age.
I think it is so important to teach your children the value of exercise! Let them workout with you! Teach them how to lift a 2lb weight, do a squat, crunch, or jog along side you for a few feet.
Kids need exercise too to feel healthy and energetic, as well as to grow and develop to their highest potential! When establishing these habits you are establishing a lifestyle that will stick with them through out their life. As parents we owe it to our children to establish healthy routines and habits. Many studies have shown that overweight, inactive, kids are more likely to remain overweight as adults, with the weight issues getting worse over time.
Carrying extra weight will put kids at a number of health problems, including hypertension (High blood pressure), heart disease, diabetes, and even some types of cancer.
As a parent we can offer our children the best gift by teaching them to love sports and other physical activates, starting them on a path to healthier lives .
For children physical activity is not just beneficial for their health but also for their behavior. Children who are allowed those outlets for their energy are more capable of controlling their behavior in school and often excel academically.
So next time your child ask “mommy can I exercise” let them! Make it fun so they know that exercising is a positive thing!
Detoxify for better health!
Your body is amazing, and your liver, kidneys, skin, and lymphatic and digestive systems do a great job at filtering unwanted pollutants, but it is not always enough. Toxins build up in our systems for many reasons for example, the additives in our food. Unhealthy diets high in processed foods, sugars, and unhealthy fats contribute to the problems.
The reason we need to detox is due to things that start to occur in our bodies. For example fatigue, lack of concentration, skin problems aches and pains, digestive problems, and trouble losing weight. Resting, cleansing, and nourishing your body by removing and eliminating toxins and then feeding your body with healthy nutrients may be the answer to reversing theses issues.
Beachbody puts out two amazing body detoxifiers. First is the 3 Day Refresh…If you're looking for a way to lose weight, feel lighter and more energized, and jump-start a new healthy-eating lifestyle, then the 3-Day Refresh is the way to go. You will not be starving and you will be eating solids during this time. The program gives you a guide with helpful info, and a large selection of easy-to-prepare meals, and a list of fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on throughout the day.
The second program Beachvody has for detox is a little more in-depth and perfect for someone that is just getting started with a healthy lifestyle. You may not have had a healthy lifestyle at all or it has been years since you have been treating your body right. The Ultimate Reset is perfect and it includes six different supplements. The supplements are uniquely formulated to help restore your body to optimal health. You'll eat three healthy, filling meals every day, while the supplements work together gradually to gently shift your body's internal settings.
These are both healthier alternatives to liquid fast diets. If you have ever done a fast or all-liquid cleanse that’s high in sugars and low in protein, you may have found that you felt weak, sad, and sluggish. Also those types of cleanses can cause weight to come back on right after they are completed. This is because liquid fasts can tax you organs, and decrease your metabolism.
Both the 3 Day Refresh and Ultimate Reset are going to detoxify and cleanse all while supporting your metabolism! With easy to prepare nutritious whole food to help your vital organs reenergize. This helps the body to function more efficiently and lose weight in a healthy way!



So a question some of you have sparked is, “What to eat before working out.” What I have learned is, when it comes to gearing up for a workout carbs are necessary. The key factor is to have a mix of complex and simple carbs so that the release of energy during your workout is slow and steady. Another important factor is making sure you are well hydrated in order to make your exercises easier and more effective. Try to drink 16-20 ounces of water during the 1-2 hours before starting your workout.
You need quality carbs, lean protein, heart-healthy fats, and H2O.
Here are some suggestions of what to eat before a workout and why:
  1. Ezekiel bread (or whole grain toast) topped with peanut butter and bananas (one of my favs!)
-       Fruits like bananas give you both types of carbs with the bonus of being super easy to digest. Complex carbs will keep you going, the fruit adds an extra kick of energy to give you that boost you need. For the runners out there a banana before a run is perfect because it will raise Potassium levels, which can drop when you sweat. Potassium will help regulate muscle contractions and prevent cramping. They are also unlikely to cause gastrointestinal issues too.
  1. Yogurt
-       Yogurt is easy on your stomach. You can also give yourself another boost by adding trail mix (the ones with mainly dried fruit and nuts). The healthy sugars from dried fruit provide that quick energy boost while seeds and nuts will keep insulin levels from dripping mid-workout.
-       However keep in mind seeds and nuts are high in fat and if you have to many you could start to fill a little sluggish because they are so filling.
  1. Smoothie or Protein Shake
-       these are great for when you are on the run!
-       No need to go over board on the protein 10-20 grams is perfect before exercise.
  1. Oatmeal
-       oatmeal sticks with you throughout your workout and it gradually releases sugar into the bloodstream. Adding fruit to it will increase fluid to help hydrate and also fruit will help to give you that extra energy boost.
  1. Apple and Almond butter (or peanut butter)
-       This can help avoid a sugar crash mid exercise wile stocking up on vitamins, mineral and antioxidants.
-       Adding in the almond or peanut butter will give you that extra protein for filler and keep the belly from growling.
Your options should include fast-digesting (high glycemic index) carbohydrates and very little fat (which digests slowly), so that you digest the meal quickly and the fuel is available. Ideally you would want to have your pre workout snack 30 minutes prior to when you are going to exercise.
Hope this helps! Enjoy…. Stay fit and visit me at!


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