What things should I look for in a supplement shake? 


UGH... What is this shake stuff!? 

Here is what is about to go down... I'm calling myself out! Yup!
"Hey Chris, did you see your sister post about using shakeology!? I bet there is so much garbage and crap in that stuff. There is no way I would ever take some shake and "think" it's going to make me healthy. I can only imagine what it has in it!"
" Hey Brooke, Ok so I'm ready to sign up and be a coach but I don't want shakeology! I eat an organic clean diet and I'm just not into shakes and supplements. Can I just get the fitness program only."
I was so super hesitant to even try shakeology!!! I turned my nose up at it the first time I seen someone post their "shake picture". First thing I thought was, "i can only imagine all the harmful cancer causing crap in that shake". I categorized it along with all the others. I told myself, "I eat REAL food and I don't need some powder "protein" to make me "skinny"." I mean that is all it does, right? Helps you lose weight!!?? "No way you will catch me dead drinking one of those "weight loss shakes"."
Guys that was me just over two years ago! I was uneducated, I had the "I'm right” mindset, and was too hard headed to look into it before questioning others for using it.
One thing my coach said to me on the phone is to do my own research. So guess what .... I DID! I didn't commit to coaching until I KNEW i could stand behind their products. I am way to passionate of a person to recommend something to anyone that I do not believe in myself!
Once the research began I learned the following:
> It had no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners!
> It had no SOY (Most soy is GMO and soy in abundance is damaging to your body and especially the male hormones)
> No sucralose (yes that hidden artificial ingredient often found in a sweetener)
> No chemical fillers (Mono's, Hydro's etc...)
These are all things you will find in CHEAPER shakes! Yup I said it! Shakeology is NOT the cheapest shake! BUT one thing Beachbody did NOT do is compromise the integrity from their quality ingredients just so you can have it at a lower cost. I often say you pay for what you get! This statement could not be more true when it comes to the shake I stand behind and am proud to drink as a family (yes including Reese) every single day!
This is NOT a weight loss protein drink for us. This is a nutrition drink that fills in the gaps that even our clean eating diet can't fulfill. We as a family don't take pills or gummies for our vitamins. We drink shakeology! It has more then what we need and could get from a multi-vitamin. It helps with digestion and it offers clean superfoods from around the world that have been regulated to not contain pesticides on their crops or in their soil.
Does it help with digestion and cravings... SURE!
Can it help you lose weight... SURE!
Is it very tasty... SURE!
But those things are all just a bonus to all the other benefits you and your family will get in maintaining a long HEALTHY LIFE.
So when it comes to comparing products don't look at the cost, the calories, or even the fat grams. Read the ingredients, educate yourself and be aware of what is going in your body!! Cheaper cost = less nourishing ingredients and more fillers that could potentially lead to disease and cancer. Lower fat grams or calories just means they took out the real foods and put in something artificial and often linked to the cause of cancer.
At what cost is your health to you? Knowledge is power don't make a decision based on the # but on what is best for your health and your families 🙂
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My Three Favorite Drinks 
(One I don't talk about enough)

Pictured is one thing I don't talk about enough! NO not my starbucks! .. I talk about that plenty wink emoticon LOL! Shakeology is what I am talking about. This is something that I really hesitated to try. I hated the fact that Chris Lickteigwould drink protein drinks becasue they had so much garbage in them!! YUCK!!
So when I first heard about shakeology from others that were doing it I cut on it and said, "Shakes just aren't for me! I want REAL FOOD!" So when I called my coach Brooke to talk about being a coach I told her I wanna coach but I don't wanna do shakeology. She encouraged me to read up on it and informed me that I may be unaware of the benefits. That got me to thinking, you know what maybe I am uneducated on the product. I am judging and being stubborn, yet I have not even looked into it!
After getting off the phone I looked for every piece of info I could find on shakeology. My hubs even started watching youtube videos and reserching ingriedints. Yes we are that obbessive. I eat a 75% organic diet so what goes in my body is important. I am by no way perfect and I still have things that are not clean and not organic but when it comes to everyday use you better bet it's gonna be the best thing for me and my family.
What I learned is it's not just a "protein drink". I mean yes it has protein but it has so much more!! Like Amino Acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, prebiotic, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Now I could sit and break that all down for you but instead I will post the link below wink emoticon
They use NO artifical colors, flavors, or sweetners. It contains no soy, which in abundance in it's isolated form is very damaging to our health. There is no sucralose, which is commonly found in others shakes and often found in cells during cancer research.
I DO NOT USE this for weight loss!! That is another misunderstanding. YES it can be used for weight loss and is found to be VERY effective. However, I don't want to lose weight I want to maintain and give my body the nutrition it is missing from our soil depleted food. You MUST supplement even with the cleanest diet.
I felt if I am going to supplement why not pick the best thing for me and my family? That's right we ALL use it, including our 3 year old Reese (Yup, I got it pediatrician approved first). Sometimes I get price objections but to tell you the truth peeps... you pay for what you get ‪#‎truth‬. I value my health and feel it's worth every stinking penny!
Click link for detailed info:
NOT here to sell this to you but just give you the facts. I am happy to answer more questions if you are like me you may have many. You can email me at with questions or how to order. 

Shakeology’s proprietary blend of digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics helps your body eliminate toxins that have built up in your digestive system over the years due to eating highly processed foods, fast food, and junk food. A healthy digestive system makes it easier to absorb the nutrients you need for optimal health.
While your body is cleansing itself from the inside out, Shakeology’s 100% whole-food ingredients deliver the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to help curb its cravings.
Your body will begin to shed stored fat while Shakeology’s superfoods (that are chock-full of antioxidants and phytonutrients) work their magic, helping reduce “free radical” damage that could potentially lead to heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and strokes. Watch the “100 Doctors Don’t Lie Video”.
Curb cravings for sugar and junk food
Promote weight loss
Increase energy levels
Improve digestion and regularity
Support your immune system
Support cardiovascular health
Shakeology is packed with more than 70 of the world’s most potent, most nutritious, and most delicious ingredients. Not only does it provide a wide range of essential nutrients from the fruits and vegetables you should be eating every day, you’ll also reap the benefits of incredibly nutritious food you’d otherwise never have the opportunity to eat. Food that nutrition science has shown to be highly advantageous to your health.
Plus, they were able to sneak fruits and veggies into every glass for those of you who are self-proclaimed “anything-but-vegetabletarians”—like Beachbody’s own CEO, Carl Daikeler. (Carl’s wife, Isabelle, helped create Shakeology to get him to “stop eating like a 2nd grader.”)
Everything in Shakeology has been carefully selected for its unique nutritional quality, including ingredients that herbalists and natural wellness doctors have been using for centuries to holistically heal and fuel the body.
What’s in Shakeology?
Protein and Essential Amino Acids to help build muscle and reduce food cravings*
• Help build and repair muscles
• Reduce hunger and food cravings
• Promote healthy skin, hair, and nails
• Chocolate, Vanilla and Greenberry Shakeology include whey protein isolate, an easily absorbable source of high-quality protein that’s ideal for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Tropical Strawberry and Vegan Chocolate include high-quality plant proteins from brown rice, pea and other sources. Essential amino acids, found in these proteins, help the body repair muscle tissue and heal wounds; and reduce hunger pangs. The protein in all Shakeology products provides a highly bioavailable source of essential amino acids.
Prebiotics, Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes, which aid in improving digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption*
• Aids digestion
• Support a healthy intestinal tract
• Increase absorption of nutrients
• Shakeology contains many ingredients that are beneficial to the digestive system.
• Prebiotics, natural components of certain plants, help support the “friendly” bacteria in your digestive tract.
• Probiotics are strains of live good bacteria that help with the digestive process. They assist the body in absorbing
nutrients and minerals, bring an overall balance to the digestive tract, and help support the immune system.
• Digestive enzymes, from sources such as pineapples and papayas, help your body break down food into its individual
components, making the nutrients easier to absorb.
• Help promote a strong immune system
• Help increase energy
• Help protect the body from stress
• Help balance endocrine hormones and the immune system
• Adaptogens are special herbs that grow in harsh climates and conditions, at high elevations, atop mountains where the soil is rocky and oxygen in the air is thin. Because these plants have to adapt to harsh conditions, they have highly
concentrated nutrients that can help your body cope with stress, provide energy, and maintain a strong immune system. Shakeology has a total of 9 adaptogens. Which is more than any other shake out there.
Antioxidants and phytonutrients (plant-sourced ingredients) may help maintain health*
• Help neutralize harmful free radicals
• Help decrease inflammation
• Help maintain the immune system
• Potentially decrease the risk of degenerative diseases
• Many of Shakeology’s fruit and vegetable sources have been chosen for their high concentration of healthy natural substances known as phytonutrients, including flavonoids, polyphenols, anthocyanins, and catechins. These substances have antioxidant properties, meaning they help neutralize molecules known as free radicals, which damage cells and may contribute to the aging process. In laboratory tests, phytonutrients have shown promise in helping prevent a wide variety of degenerative conditions.
23 Vitamins and Minerals your body needs to function for optimal health*
• Get a wide range of essential nutrients
• Get your necessary vitamins every day
• Make up for dietary deficiencies
• Most of us don’t get the complete range of essential vitamins and minerals in our daily diets. Some important vitamins, such as vitamin C and the B vitamins, are water-soluble, meaning they’re flushed out of your body after a short time and need to be replenished regularly. Others, like vitamin E, can be difficult to get enough of in food. Shakeology Chocolate and Greenberry provide all these nutrients in an easy-to-take form, so you never have to worry


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