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Our Next Group Begins May 2nd 

If you’re experiencing any of these you’re going to want to keep reading:

  • Do you feel tired all the time?

    • Are your sugar cravings out of control?
   • Are you struggling to lose weight despite working out & eating healthy?
  •  Do you have gas, bloating, cramping or indigestion after eating?


Introducing the 4 week gut protocol 

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How does The 4 Week Gut Protocol work, and what’s included?

• You’ll remove the most common foods known to cause gut issues.
• Four program videos walk you through the protocol 
• Four weekly FOCUS videos educate, empower, and encourage you to keep going.
• A reintroduction video helps you add foods back in 
• You’ll use color-coded containers along with revised food lists to get the perfect mix of nutrients while identifying potential food sensitivities.
• You’ll get 8 delicious new 4 Week Gut Protocol recipe videos plus snack recipe PDFs.
• A program guide, trackers, and more help you stay committed. 
• Optional healthy supplements like Vegan Shakeology Beachbody Optimize and Revitalize feed your body key nutrients while helping support gut health and digestion.*

What’s unique about The 4 Week Gut Protocol
and 4 Weeks For Every Body?

  • It’s the first Beachbody program that combines a specific protocol to help support optimal gut health AND a fitness program to help optimize your overall health.

   • Change begins on day 1. You’ll sideline problem           foods known to cause gut distress, and add in                 ingredients and supplements to help promote a
     balanced gut. 
   • 4 Weeks For Every Body is Beachbody’s first no-          impact fitness program where everybody can get            results. Autumn also created 4 bonus cycling                 workouts available exclusively on BODi.


Sample Workout 

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We had sooo many get GREAT results from our first round and several ask to do it again that I have decided to launch another round beginning MAY 2nd.


So ACT fast to ensure you have time to begin with us! 

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4 week Gut Protocol

This is a  comprehensive nutrition program that shows you how the food you eat impacts your gut, and overall health 

This program can help you discover foods that are impacting your digestive health and give you the tools to feel and look better! 

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