Break Through That Plateau!

How I got out of my plateau, lost those last few pounds, and started working toward having a stronger body that was capable of amazing things!!! Let’s take ya back, this is my story...

I signed up as a coach in 2014 to create another stream of income for my family, while also doing that with something I was really excited and passionate about! FITNESS!!!

When I first got my own package I looked at the eating plan, and thought, "I don't need this, I already eat healthy."

However, within a few days I realized I needed to gain my own experience from the nutrition program myself. So I decided I would follow the nutrition plan from start to finish on the 21 fitness program I would be following too.

Not only did I gain experience, but I gained RESULTS!!! I did not expect to see any changes, but I was finally getting myself out of my plateau and seeing muscle definition that had always been there!!!

I worked out most of my life as early as my teens, and I have never seen results inside and out like I did with putting a hard focus on food groups, portions, starting much needed supplementation, and clean eating!

I finally understood nutrition! It took complicated macronutrients and "dumb them down" so it finally clicked for me! I knew how to fuel my body and use moderation in every eating situation. Not focusing on perfect, but balance!

Over the years after starting this I have got past my plateau, grew a healthy baby, went through my postpartum journey, and now continue to focus on STRENGTH & HEALTH.

Fitness accelerates results, helps heart health and improves every aspect of your life. But nutrition will always make the biggest impact!

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