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Buck up buttercup because I’m about to talk about money!

Buck up buttercup because I’m about to talk about money, careers, and what we lost when Chris left his job.

I was inspired after answering some messages last night to write this post. Actually messages like the one last night have occurred quite a few times in my coaching journey, but I really felt that at this point the obvious needed to go unspoken…so I stopped talking about my personal income journey with coaching. However, when someone says to me after I mention coaching to them, “the amount of money I make doing hygiene wouldn’t even come close to what I could make coaching”, I am compelled to speak what’s on my mind.

People may look at coaching or the platform I have used to build my online business (Beachbody) as a means to make pennies in comparison to their professional career, and I’ll be honest in saying that in the beginning it wasn’t anything worth leaving my job for! Which is why you didn’t see me leave mine for the first year and half of coaching! You should also know that not everyone leaves their job in a year and half, some leave sooner and some never leave! It’s all about the effort, time, and consistency you are willing to put into not just your business, but your Vision! I

never wanted to leave my job (cut my hours? sure!), but my vision carried me past my limiting beliefs and allowed me to see the opportunity in front of me!

I’ve seen coaches on my team that made $500+ their first month, and I’ve seen some of them make $0, but what’s the difference? EFFORT, DRIVE, EXCITEMENT, and BELIEF!

Chris and I took a chance..what some may call risk, but was it really!? We both have eductions. Chris has two masters degree and will always be at the top of the pay scale for teachers. I have a bachelor degree in Science Dental Hygiene and maintain two licenses in the state of Indiana and Kentucky. We will always be able to find jobs because we educated ourselves first, so leaving our old ones was NO RISK!! …. just an opportunity to dream, try, and see where it takes us!

When we brought Chris home we lost his almost $70k Rank One teacher income. Was that scary…. sure!!!!! However, we had BELIEF in what we could do with coaching and bringing him home was no loss at all. Not only did Chris gain the gift of time, but bringing him home to help me with our business has brought income growth, instead of income loss! The best part is there is no ceiling to what we can do. However, in our day job we were limited by exchanging our time for the same hourly wage.

I know we have not sold our house and built a bigger home or done something with our money that “proves” the potential of this business, but if you don’t know I’m very conservative with my spending. I prefer to save so if anything was to happen we could literally take a year without pay or longer to both decide what we want to do with our life. We have been stacking our kids college funds, we travel more, we give more to charities we are passionate about. At Christmas time when it used to be so hard to buy our own presents we now spend a good chunk of money buying gifts for kids that wouldn’t normally have a Christmas, or picking 1-2 angels from the Angel tree every week when we go to the grocery.

My point is… if telling yourself that coaching could never replace or create the kind of income that you dream of, then you are WRONG. To think it wasn’t long ago that someone asked my husband if we inherited money, or if I was left something when my dad passed. News flash my dad passed when I was 16 years old and I used that money to help get me through college!

So buck up buttercup and stop telling yourself this isn’t real, because if you stop standing in your own way you may see the opportunity that is right in front you!

Wanna learn more? Click the Join my team link above!!

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