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Coaching for Dental Professionals

I just wrapped up a call tonight for all my dental professionals on the team!! As a previous RDH I have also brought on board a lot of other dental professionals that are like me and have a love for helping others and sharing the importance of health

Tonight we talked about the similarities between coaching and being a dental healthcare provider. The way we treat our patients is not much different than how we treat our customers and clients in our coaching business.

I have found as I have started mentoring my new coaches that are in the profession, I can easily use analogies from in office patient care vs. online client care. This makes it super fun for me because it's a way to help them easily transition into understanding the business, when they can see how it relates to their professional career too!

If you are a dental professional and interested in coaching I wold love to share more with you about it and heck, even send you this call if you are curious! I'm an open book and love talking about these two topics!!!

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