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Eat this...Not that!!

"Eat This! Not That!" Have you ever wished you had someone to help you understand that statement? Maybe even someone there to walk around the grocery store with you, and tell you what to look for and how to read the ingredient labels? Well my online group that myself and my team are hosting online does just that and more! As a coach I’m able to partner up with the experts and help guide others through more dirr thin on nutrition! . There is a BIG difference between eating healthy and starving yourself. Eating a salad doesn't mean just "lettuce and chicken". You can really have so much variety in your foods! If you just think outside of the box (or allow my upcoming course to help you😉 ). . Here I'm using a salad as the example and I want to share with you the big problem with the pattern of eating that so many think it takes to get results. When you don't eat enough then you will find this happening: . ❌You’ll feel tired and lethargic 😴 ❌You’ll feel weak. ❌You’ll feel constantly hangry (and more likely to reach for those donuts later)🌝 ❌Skin and hair problems ❌Constipation and digestive issues😯 ❌No variety. Different colors = different nutrients! no one food has all the ingredients we need so you MUST eat a VARIETY of nutrient dense foods! 🌈 ❌Your metabolism will take a beating. Its like telling your body you’re starving which will slow down your metabolism. ❌Hormonal disruptions & imbalances including hunger hormones and thyroid hormones. ❌Inability to gain muscle & lose fat. 😫 With not enough “fuel” your body will start to eat away at your muscles for energy rather than digging in to your fat stores. Your body thinks it needs to store those for later. This is why people are often seen as “skinny fat.” ❌Sleep problems (prob due to uneven blood sugar levels). .⠀ Let’s stop depriving ourselves of what we NEED to be healthy and happy! Instead let’s begin changing your mindset and relationship with foods, start gaining the knowledge on how to do this, and allow the tips from the nutritional expert guide you through our online group

Are you ready to starting learning more and stop ✋🏼 fad dieting it? Once you understand portions, clean eating, and mindset you’ll then have the knowledge to keep progressing in your journey.

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