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Fall in Love with Process!!!

Transformation Gains!!!

My physical journey has always been to be strong!!!! Today I was looking back at where I was my first year as a coach. I had lost the body fat that I needed to start seeing definition, and the next step was to build!!! I got some crap from a few people in the beginning because some felt I looked "too skinny", they didn't give two 💩 if I was going about everything the right way. Honestly, I was in a transition period where I was getting a leaner look, but also working on building muscle.

I was working on looking strong and feeling strong, and I was not going to let judge mental opinions get in my way of feeling my best. So I kept working on eating cleaner, working out to get stronger, and focusing on good clean supplementation that would help accelerate my results and improve my health!!

I transitioned multiple times between these two pictures! From getting pregnant with our son Cash to going trough my postpartum journey and trying to find that old body again. Now here I am feeling stronger and healthier in my mid-30s than I ever was in my 20s!!

You've got to find the JOY IN THE PROCESS!!

There will be ups and downs and there will be people who don't get why your health is so important to you... which to me is insane!!! I often think that most disconnect eating healthy and working out with also wanting to live longer. It's a process worth celebrating and finding the JOY!!! If you are in a transition period too, keep going!!! Don't let others get you down!! You are on a journey and it's important to know you will reach your distention as long as you focus on why you are doing this.... for me it’s to live long and feel strong!!

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