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Find Your Tribe!

How may adult women grow up and find that they lose their sense of belonging? We all get consumed with our life plans.

In college you get consumed with studying, working, and try to survive on your own for the first time! I joined a sorority my 2nd year in college because I wanted to feel more connected to the university I was attending. I was commuting over an hour back and forth and felt so disconnected because I didn't live on campus. I will tell you right now it was one of the best decisions I made!!! I created life long friendships and even found my roommate that I would later decide to take the plunge and move out to go from a small town to what I felt was for me... "The BIG city” Louisville, KY.

Then I transitioned into the dental hygiene program, where I found a whole new community of people, that all had the exact same goal! With a class of 30 we became very close. However, after two years and graduation we all went on to begin our careers and start our families.

I found community in my dental office with my work family, but I still felt something was missing. We didn't all have the same interests, but were able to create a sense of community through our job. Although for others they don't always get along with their work family, or find it to be a negative environment; I’m thankful that was not the case for me. However, I hear others share this with me all the time.

Growing up is hard!! Feeling the lack of having a community or what I call your "girl gang" seems like it's just what's supposed to happen as you age, have a career, get married, and have kids. Well I'm here to tell you, it doesn't have to be that way!!!

Community is the one thing that is the GLUE for so many of the women on my team!!! I had the biggest aha moment speaking to two of my coaches this week!

Courtney and Amanda (far right of this pic) both met through me on social media, both hygienists, and both lived in the same city of San Diego, California! It was just by chance I had two ladies so similar join my team, and yet lived right next to each other!!! I encouraged them to meet up and do a coach "work session" together. After talking about needing to do this, they finally took the time to meet each other! Two TOTAL STRANGERS randomly meeting at a coffee shop. Sounds strange, right!.... well not in this business!

Since that day these ladies have stayed connected and talk daily! I think this was almost two years ago that they first connected! Now one of them has moved across the country to Maine, but they still chat on the daily and run their online boot camps together! They push each other, lift each other up, and have created their own community of women online!!!

I'm excited to say they will both be speakers in my upcoming "coaching sneak peek" virtual info group, to share with you how their friendship and the sense of community that Beachbody has given them is now impacting their life! Finding a place to belong with people who share a common ground is not always easy, but I'm finding it happen every day in the coaching community and within our team!!

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