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How To Achieve "Balance"

The real secret to achieving balance is theres no such thing as "Perfect Balance."

It use to be so easy to tell my story five years ago.

I was a full-time dental hygienist that wanted to create more income for my family by using my hobby for fitness while also allowing me to continue growing my passion for nutrition. What fell in my lap was not something I expected, or hell even wanted, to take me away from my professional career. All I wanted was the freedom to not be on such a tight budget and give Chris and I the opportunity to begin traveling as a family more!

 Looking back my goals were so crazy small and my expectations were so stupid low!!! I had no idea what I had in front of me and most of you won't until you dive into this business and see it for what it's worth! This post is for my new coaches, my future coaches, and my dreamers! You can choose the way you see the world! You can set your standards low because they are comfortable, or you can raise the bar!

This week a speaker told us "You must trust yourself completely and show up for yourself consistently". Life will forever be off balance!!! There is no perfect balance because to achieve balance, you have to always be moving and sometimes you find yourself needing to lean in at times in order to get past the road blocks that are placed in your way. Sometimes that roadblock is your own mindset. That’s right, you are your toughest obstacle! Learning to be "off balance on purpose" as the speaker called it is what Chris and I have done! Because in doing that, it has brought us the greatest joys in our life together and with our kids! Getting what you ultimately want out of life is not easy and it's not for the unmotivated. It's for the DRIVEN, THE DREAMERS, AND THE DETERMINED!

Though we all want to be that person, at the end of the day many are not willing to put in the work it takes to become that person. Again.... making yourself your toughest roadblock. Have you ever considered working on you first, instead of blaming your situations. Some of my top leaders on my team are battling the toughest times of their lives and it's not because of coaching, it's mental, environmental, and life's own obstacles. Coaching is what is lifting them up everyday and making them forget about their other struggles! See you choose to be broken, give excuses, and continue to live in your own negative mindset... but for those that choose not too they will thrive in this business because it can bring light to anyones life if they are open to receiving it! Damn that was deep, wasn't it!?

That's what leadership does to me! Those speakers get in my head and they make me think! Not all of them are motivational speakers, actually most of them were coaches just like me that have been brought into this business and through personal growth it changed them from the inside, not just the outside! Shameless plug because I believe what I'm doing can change lives, because it changed mine! If you want to learn more about coaching I'm an open door and I have some great resources to share with you!! I will be opening my mentorship up to 5 ladies this month! Don't worry men if you are interested too, Chris is your guy!! You know were to find us!!

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