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How to Jump Start those New Year Resolutions!

I know you’re thinking it!!! 😂🎅🏻😂

From one holiday to the next 😱! If you don't have a plan you may find yourself drowning by the time the new year comes! I always wonder 🤔 why so many wait instead of getting a head start on trying to reach their goals 🤷🏻‍♀️.⁣ .⁣ For the last month I have been running a 90 day online Healthy Holiday group!! Every month we focus on the holiday coming up 🎃🦃 🎄 and how to survive it without totally sabotaging ourselves and our goals. We don't strive for perfection!! We don't beat each other up for having a few bumps in the road during our journey, but we do push each other to KEEP GOING 🙌🏼! Now we have 60 days left in the group and after Halloween 👻 we are switching our focus and revamping the group so we can now take on the BIG FEAST 🦃... Thanksgiving! ⁣ .⁣ ✅Who could use help with clean yummy recipes you can use at your dinner table or make as a nice dish to a gathering? ⁣ ✅Who could use help with understanding the portions they need from EACH food group, no elimination stuff, because I LOVE carbs and will NEVER give those up and you don't need too! ⁣ ✅Who would like to learn how to adjust their portions around Thanksgiving so you can give yourself some grace to indulge just a little more that day? ⁣ ✅Who could use 75+ recipes that are easy, clean, and quick!? ⁣ ✅Who could use no-cook meal plans to set themselves up for success? ⁣ ✅Who could use FREE weekly recipe ebooks that you can keep forever and print out!? ⁣ ✅Who like prizes for just showing up and being accountable? ⁣ .⁣ If you checked off any of the above then don't allow yourself to not get a head start before the new year! Just imagine what you could do in the next 60 days! You could lose 2 lbs a week (that's 16 lbs before the end of the year 😱), you could lean out and gain more muscle 💪🏼, you could have more energy 💥 , you could feel better from the inside ❤️, and you could become even healthier adding on years to your life🙏🏼!!! Now that last one is well worth starting sooner than later! ⁣ .⁣ So who wants to take on the next 60 days with me? Click on the Healthy Holiday link on my Online Bootcamp Page!

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