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I'm always up for a challenge!

Had a great virtual workout meet-up with about 16 coaches and boot camp peeps today!!! Before most of them jumped off I snapped a picture before starting my cool down from Barre Blend. ⁣

I'm on week 8 and have 3 workouts left!!! I've been doing this program 2-3 times a week along with some of my other favorites!!! Actually last week I started our brand new program 10 Rounds (which is boxing and lifting) because I simply could not wait!!! It's only 5 days a week so it's been a good one to combine as I am wrapping up Barre. ⁣

After the workout about 10 of us stayed on to chat about the workouts we were doing and how we were being challenged in a positive way. One of the members was my girl Angela, who shared that Barre increased her flexibility and helped improve her hip flexer!! Even to a point her chiropractor noticed when stretching what use to be a very weak area for her! ⁣

I 100% agree it's challenging my body!!! It's not my go to type of fitness, but if I never changed it up and only stuck to my favorites, then how would I ever really challenge myself!?!? So I'm so glad I did this program!!! Week 8 for sure has been a challenge with longer workouts, adding in light weights during more moves, and moving away from the bar for added core strength during balancing... but I’m up for the challenge!! 🙌🏼

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