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Our 2020 Team Retreat!!!

These ladies and I are feeling inspired after our retreat together in Arizona !! We are feeling so inspired that we decided to host a FB group sharing all about Coaching!!!

It's truly hard to believe that this side business I started six years ago with Beachbody has turned into such a blessing ! It's not only allowed Chris and I more TIME FREEDOM, but also the opportunity to treat our top leaders with trips like this that strengthen our friendships & team community!

We all came out of this trip inspired, and fueled from each others energy to share with the world what this opportunity has given to each of us!!

So I invite you to join us next week to learn more about:

Our teams RESOURCES & TRAINING Managing your time while building your coach biz/income Sharing vs. Selling & being authentic in your brand Fear of starting How do we earn an income How to get started Travel Perks

If you want to join us next week to learn more (no strings attached) then hit me up and I will get you added to the group!!

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