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Stop Comparing and DO THE WORK!!!

Fall in love with the process!

Stop comparing and just start doing the work!!! On the left is me the first month I joined coaching, over 5 years ago!

My first public flex picture 😳... scary, but proud moment!!! I seen definition and I felt strong! After 3 weeks into my first home fitness program I felt changes happen! I didn’t compare my progress to others, and I honestly didn’t care. I knew my only competition was myself!! I simply just kept chugging away! From fitness program to fitness program, all while consistently eating clean balanced portions (with some cheats 😉), and increasing my nutrition daily with my superfood supplement. I didn’t fall into the trap of the next “hot” new fad diet, instead I stuck to what I was doing and didn’t give up!!

 So stop judging me by what you see now in front of you. I worked hard to get here, I put in the time, I gained the knowledge, and I did it the right way. Shoot I even grew a baby 🤰 in the middle of all this!!! I may not have a huge transformation, but I know what it takes to see changes and to maintain them.

 You are your own work in progress, so stop ✋🏼 using others current state of progress as your own personal obstacle. We all fight our own battles, all have different goals, and just need to keep our eyes 👀 on the prize ..... becoming a better version of ourselves!!!

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