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What is a TEAM?

TEAM= Coming together to achieve one common goal. I am always looking for others that are willing to help our (OMT) team achieve our mission to help more people have the strength and courage to just begin their journey on a healthier lifestyle. ⁣ This couldn't be more important during our current time and situation. More than ever people are looking at home fitness in a different light and some feeling lost or defeated on how to get started. That's our job as coaches is to make recommendations according to your goals and situations. ⁣ None of us know how long this is going to last and at this point it is out of our control. However, we can control the difference we make in this world or for ourselves!! That's why I'm offering two ways to join my team this month. Either focusing solely on yourself and your goals or focusing on your goals, but also serving others and helping them get started on their own journey along with you!! ⁣ Which would fill your cup the most right now?

Photo credit 📸 @chrislickteigphotography

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