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Why I don't do "Protein Shakes"!

Protein drinks…. People drink them all the time, right? I often find myself asking people the reason behind it, or if they feel they have a protein deficiency. . I think a big misunderstanding people have when I post about my shakes or my superfood cookie dough, is that I’m having a protein supplement. When in reality yes it contains a good amount of protein at 16 grams, but it has so much more than just protein. With superfoods, phytonutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, pre and probiotics, vitamins and minerals. . See we as a society do not lack protein in our diets; we lack good whole foods nutrition. Even me with the cleanest and healthiest diet needs the extra nutrients to fully fuel my body to be healthy. I want something that is going to improve my energy, regulate my digestion, and keep me feeling full from nutrients fueling my body’s needs. A protein drink will not do that. A protein drink is a space filler. It’s a drink that gives you an in between filler, but won’t keep you feeling energized or fueled. . To top it off most proteins have added fillers in them to make them taste good. If you drank pure protein by itself most would say the taste is not all that manageable, but add in some chemicals like artificial flavors, Sucralose (an artificial sweetener), and doses of soy, then the taste buds are happy and the supplier just gave you a cheaper product by using cheap fillers. It may feel like a win-win, but in the end it’s only your health that is getting cheated. . I think if you are going to take a supplement it needs to be with purpose, and at the top of that list should be your health. I understand everyone wants to be fit, but I hope I can help educate that the way to be fit and healthy is not through poor supplements. Be smart with what you are using, looking up ingredients, don’t just look at calories and the price point. You are worth more than those numbers!

Love yourself enough to care ❤ and if you want to know what I recommend message me.

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